Useful Information

Registration desks will open, Monday 19th of September at 7:00 am at the World-Trade Center (WTC) Grenoble. The WTC will host all on-site workshops on Monday morning. PhD forum and Discovery challenges will be organized at Minatec. Workshops and tutorials on Monday afternoon and on Friday will take place on both sites. These activities will occur in the spaces noted at this address.

Reaching Minatec and WTC

Minatec can be reached by walk from WTC in 5 minutes. Cité internationale and Palais de Justice tram stations also connect both sites as shown on the map aside.

Each room at both sites has a screen in front of it that will show the event that will be held there. In each room there is also a fixed machine and before each session (apart from the PhD forum, which is offline) a dedicated zoom connection will be automatically open. To connect to the zoom on the virtual platform, click the session first. Online participants can view the presentations by connecting the session on their side. The platform then takes care of everything. The computer in the room or the presenter’s own computer can be used for presentations. If the presentation is done on a personal machine, the PC should be connected to the virtual session and also to the video-projector (HDMI) for the on-site presentation.

Wifi connection in the center:
Login: Grenoble22
password: ECMLPKDD

Coffee breaks and lunches will be provided at both sites Monday and Friday. For other days of the conference, all events and breaks will take place at WTC. We are extremely cautious with Covid-19. In each conference bag, there will be a small hydroalcoholic gel and masks. Please refer to this page for more information. Please also read our code of conduct.

The opening will take place on Monday, September 19th, at 18:45 in the Auditorium room of the World Trade Center.
The Museum of Grenoble will host the welcome event on Monday beginning at 7:30 p.m. Either Tram B (green in front), which departs at station Palais de Justice and travels six stations to Notre-Dame Musée, or a 20-minute walk through the city are options for getting to the museum from the World Trade Center. There will be volunteers at the tram stations of departure and arrival, and others will operate the pedestrian buses for those who choose to walk there.

The Gala will be held on Wednesday, September 21st, starting at 8:30 pm at the Sassenage Castle. Transportation will be provided by buses departing from WTC. The first buses will leave right after the last session of the day.