Demo Session

1438Logistics, Graphs, and Transformers: Towards improving Travel Time Estimation
Natalia Semenova (National Research University Higher School of Economics)*; Vladislav V. Tishin (National University of Science and Technology MISIS); Artyom V. Sosedka (National University of Science and Technology MISIS); Vadim A Porvatov (National University of Science and Technology MISIS); Vladislav Zamkovoy (Sberbank)
1440Explainable Anomaly Detection System for Categorical Sensor Data in Internet of Things
Peng Yuan (NEC Laboratories America); Lu-An Tang (NEC Labs America); Haifeng Chen (NEC Labs)*; Moto Sato (NEC Labs America); Kevin Woodward (Lockheed Martin Space)
1442AGG: An Automated Genogram Generator by Discovering Information in Clinical Texts
Nuria García-Santa (Fujitsu Research of Europe)*; Kendrick Cetina (Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe)
1443TAMOR: Tier-Aware Multi-Objective Recommendation for Ant Fortune Financial Marketing
Xu Min (Ant Group)*; Xiaolu Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group); Jun Zhou (Ant Services Group); Changxun Fan (Ant Group); Junlin Yu (Ant Group)
1444Benchmarking GNNs with GenCAT Workbench
Seiji Maekawa (Osaka University)*; Yuya Sasaki (Osaka University); George Fletcher (Eindhoven University of Technology); Makoto Onizuka (Osaka University)
1445SLISEMAP: Combining supervised dimensionality reduction with local explanations
Anton Björklund (University of Helsinki); Jarmo Mäkelä (University of Helsinki); Kai Puolamäki (University of Helsinki)*
1447A camera-based system to detect driver hands on the steering wheel in semi-autonomous vehicles
Raphaël Morvillier (CEA); Christophe Prat (CEA)*; Saifeddine Aloui (CEA)
1448ADEPT: Anomaly Detection, Explanation and Processing for Time Series with a Focus on Energy Consumption Data
Jan Erik Swiadek (TU Dortmund)*; Bin Li (Technical University of Dortmund); Emmanuel Müller (TU Dortmund); Jelle Hüntelmann (TU Dortmund); Benedikt Tobias Müller (TU Dortmund)
1449RE-Tagger: A light-weight Real-Estate Image Classifier
Prateek Chhikara (; Anil Goyal (*; Chirag Sharma (
1451An Embedded Continual Learning System for Facial Emotion Recognition
Olivier ANTONI (CEA); Marion MAINSANT (CEA)*; Christelle Godin (CEA); Martial Mermillod (UGA); Marina Reyboz (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LIST, F-38000 Grenoble, France)
1453CAGE: A Hybrid Framework for Closed-Domain Conversational Agents
Edward Burgin (Huawei Research); Sourav Dutta (Huawei Research Centre)*; Haytham Assem (Amazon); Raj Nath Patel (Huawei Ireland Research Center )
1455Cloud-Based Real-Time Molecular Screening Platform with MolFormer
Brian M Belgodere (IBM Research); Vijil Chenthamarakshan (IBM AI Research); Payel Das (IBM Research); Pierre Dognin (IBM Research); Toby Kurien (IBM Research); Igor Melnyk (IBM); Youssef Mroueh (IBM Research); Inkit Padhi (IBM Research); Mattia Rigotti (IBM Research)*; Jarret Ross (IBM); Yair Schiff (IBM ); Richard Young (IBM Research)
1456ImbalancedLearningRegression – A Python Package to Tackle the Imbalanced Regression Problem
Wenglei Wu (University of Ottawa); Nicholas Kunz (College of Engineering, Cornell University); Paula Branco (University of Ottawa)*
1462A Light Weight Cardiac Monitoring System for On-device ECG Analysis
Rohan Banerjee (Tata Consultancy Services)*; Avik Ghose (TCS)
1463Urban Traveller Preference Miner: modelling transport choices with survey data streams
Maciej Grzenda (Warsaw University of Technology)*; Martin Luckner (Warsaw University of Technology); Przemysław Wrona (Warsaw University of Technology)
1464Interactive Toolbox for two-dimensional Gaussian Mixture Modeling
Michael C. Thrun (Philipps-Universität Marburg)*; Quirin Stier (Philipps-Universität Marburg and IAP-GmbH); Alfred Ultsch (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
1466Demonstrator on Counterfactual Explanations for Differentially Private Support Vector Machines
Rami Mochaourab (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)*; Sugandh Sinha (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden); Stanley Greenstein (Department of Law, Stockholm University); Panagiotis Papapetrou (Stockholm University)