Venues and Participation

The ECMLPKDD 2022 conference will be held in Grenoble, France. Grenoble has a long historical background going back over 2,000 years and it is known to be the “Capital of the Alps“. The city is also a significant European scientific center with a concentration of high-tech companies implanted all around it.

The city’s railroad is served by the French high speed rail network, with frequent trains to Paris (3h) and Marseille (2h). There are also two main international airports (Lyon Saint Exupéry and Geneva) near the city with frequent airport shuttles (every 30 minutes) to Grenoble’s train and bus station.

The proposed venue is the World Trade Center (WTC) Grenoble for the main conference; and WTC and Minatec for workshops and tutorials. Both places are at a distance of 500m one from another and close to the train and bus station within a walking distance from the historic center of the city.

WTC is served by several tram and bus lines. The center is chosen for its large capacity as it contains 2500 sqm of modular rooms. The plan of WTC is shown below.

Plan of World Trade Center, Grenoble

We will use 5 rooms in Minatec for workshops and tutorials in Monday and Friday along with 7 others in WTC. Minatec (Figure below) is served by a tram station with a tram every 2 minutes to WTC. The place can also be reached by walk in 5 minutes from WTC.

Plan of Minatec, Grenoble

The Grenoble Museum will host a welcoming reception on September 19th.

Grenoble Museum, in the city center

The Gala reception on September 21st will be held on Sassenage’s castle.

Sassenage’s castle near the World Trade Center