Workshops & Tutorials


Monday, September the 19th

Friday, September the 23rd


W Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics

W MACLEAN: MAChine Learning for EArth Observation

W Int. Workshop on Active Inference

W Machine Learning for Cybersecurity (MLCS)

W 4th. Int. Workshop on eXplainable Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining (XKDD)

W PharML, Machine Learning for Pharma and Healthcare Applications

W Quantum Machine Learning: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

W Multi-Label Learning: Current Trends and Open Challenges

W Workshop on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

W IoT, Edge, and Mobile for Embedded Machine Learning

W AI in manufacturing

W Semantic Data Mining (SEDAMI)

C Uplift Modeling Tutorial & Workshop

T Multi-Target Prediction with Deep Neural Network: A hands-on tutorial

T Graph Embedding for Web-Scale Recommender Systems

W 7th Int. Workshop on Advanced Analytics and Learning on Temporal Data

W SoGood 2022 – 7th Int. Workshop on Data Science for Social Good

W 6th Int. Workshop on Interactive Adaptive Learning

W 2nd Int. Workshop on Fair, Effective, and Sustainable Talent management using data science

W MLG: Mining and Learning with Graphs

W Teaching Machine Learning

W Learning with Imbalanced Domains: Theory and Applications

W KDID 2022: 20th anniversary of KDID Workshop

W New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns

W MIDAS 2022 – The 7th Workshop on MIning DAta for financial applicationS

W Data and Model Quality for Mining and Learning with Graphs: Methods and Open Challenges (Graph Quality)

W Learning to Quantify: Methods and Applications

C (Meta-)Knowledge Transfer/Communication in Different Systems

T Validity, Reliability, and Significance: a Tutorial on Statistical Methods for Reproducible Machine Learning

T Sparse Neural Networks Training


W Open-SOFOS: Open Data Science fOr Food Security

W DALS: Data Analysis in Life Sciences

W Machine Learning for Buildings Energy Management (MLBEM)

W 2nd Int. Workshop on Modelling Uncertainty in the Financial World

T Reward-Optimizing Recommendation using Deep Learning and Fast Inner Product Search

T Graph Mining and Multi-Relational Learning: Tools and Application

T Hyperbolic Graph Representation Learning: A Tutorial

W Machine Learning for Microbial Genomics

W Interactive Data Mining

C IoT Streams for Predictive Maintenance

T What if rewards are Unknown? Battle of Bandits: Online learning from Preference Feedback, Beyond Rewards

W : workshop, C : combined workshop and tutorial, T : tutorial